Welcome to SkyLedger News

SkyLedger News (SLN) is designed to be your source of information about all things SkyLedger.

We want to bring you interviews with key people – from developers to ICO leaders; regular news, project updates and real world experiences of SkyLedger projects. We want to reflect as many voices and enterprises as possible, all of which will have one thing in common – they’re built upon or are working with, SkyLedger.


As a boot-strapped project, SLN has humble beginnings but we hope that over time, we’ll develop into something more sophisticated. Something that offers you a choice of media from which you’ll be able to learn about the farthest reaches of the SkyLedger community.

For now, simple text will have to do. We’ll try to keep it concise, readable and most of all, informative. We’ll also do all we can to take in your views. We’ll keep listening and adjusting, making sure that we’re giving you the content you need to stay up to date with SkyLedger.

We know that a range of voices will be key to making sure SkyLedger News remains relevant and, in keeping with the SkyLedger ethos, we want you to earn for your efforts. So, we’re paying a SkyCoin bounty for all accepted articles. Take a look at the About Us page to find out more.

Here’s to a future of exploration! Here’s to discovering the SkyLedger universe!

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