Solar Bankers makes progress in Dubai

The incredibly innovative solar power and peer-to-peer energy trading platform, Solar Bankers, has taken vital steps forward with its pilot project in Dubai.

The project, which was confirmed when a contract was signed last August with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), is being used to test Solar Bankers’ core solar power technologies. These include a nano-structured foil that prevents solar panels from overheating by deflecting the heat-inducing shorter wavelengths of light and a smart tracking system which uses a circular pivot to minimize the number of moving elements required to adjust module positions.

Both technologies are beneficial for use in desert environments. The foil ensures higher conversion of  light to electricity than would otherwise be possible with regular panels and the smart tracking system increases the durability of solar panels by helping prevent the accumulation of dust and sand in joints and moving parts.


Manufacture of the solar modules is currently underway in Germany with delivery expected to Dubai in March. Once installed, the modules will form a 4KW solar park that will generate energy for DEWA over the six month period of the pilot project.

If all goes well, the project will prove that Solar Bankers’ proprietary solar modules are able to operate more efficiently in desert environments than traditional solar panels.


The project will be important in proving the Solar Bankers’ concept and is a crucial step forward on the company’s roadmap, which will eventually see individuals being able to buy and sell  renewable energy via Solar Bankers’ decentralised peer-to-peer energy trading platform.

It’s on this platform that Sun Coin will be used to trade energy, enabling small-scale energy producers to profit from the sale of their excess renewable energy supplies. Sun Coin is a SkyLedger-based coin that’s available either directly from Solar Bankers or via iQuant.

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