With Suncoin2 Partial Airdrop Completed, Addresses with 1 M+ Coins Please Contact Us ASAP

Suncoin2 Airdrop


Progress of Suncoin has been in the center of fans’ attention since the termination of partnership between Shellpay and Solar Bankers. Shellpay has come to decision that: Suncoin2 – the new distributed solar energy token will conduct an airdrop at equal proportion, targeting the chain ahead block 3954.


Currently, Shellpay has just completed an airdrop to addresses with 1 M Suncoins and less.


For coin holders, please download Suncoin2 wallet on Shellpay website, and restore the wallet with Suncoin seed. You will find as many coins in your Suncoin2 wallet as in that of Suncoin.


Attention, addresses holding more than 1 M Suncoins please contact us ASAP by scanning the QR code at the end of the notice.


Shellpay fans, please spread the word around the community.


For more details please click on our official account.

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