MetaliCoin: Unblocking the Value for Industry and Investors

Shellpay, Monday, May 21, 2018

The MetaliCoin Crypto Metals Exchange (CME) recently released the first version of its white paper entitled “From the Ground Up: Blockchain-based smart contract system for crowdsourced funding of mining projects, storing value based on physical metal and trading in precious and base metals.

Metals are the basis of our technological society. Once, all money was backed by gold or silver. Today it is backed by nothing.

“All components of the entire metal production cycle –exploration, production, processing, refining, storage and trading – are held by a tightly controlled club. Ordinary investors hence largely miss out on the opportunity to make substantial gains for fear of the risks and lack of solid information – all while global demand for metals generally continues to increase.”

The white paper examines the past and the future of money and the current issues facing investors and traders in metal industry, and proposes the solution: a crypto-currency back by real metals which breaks open the metals club and lets anyone buy all the metals at early stage for deep discounts (with high risk) and trade them real-time globally, 24/7, directly with other traders and no middle-man. That’s what MetaliCoin is made for.

For early-stage miner seeking funding, MetaliCoin is the access to a global audience of funds without giving up equity and at very low cost. For those who have done basic prep work and are seeking funding for exploration, mine development and production, MetaliCoin could be the most efficient and cost-effective path to capital.

The white paper could be downloaded at:

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