Skyledger Shanghai 2018

Time: 9:00 – 17:00, June 10, 2018

Venue: Radisson Plaza Xing Guo Hotel Shanghai, 1/F

No. 78 Xingguo Road, Shanghai



Skyledger Shanghai 2018

Created by original contributors to Bitcoin and Ethereum, skyledger is a third-generation blockchain platform to implement satoshi’s original vision.

Skyledger implements a novel consensus algorithm called Obelisk, which distributes impacts via a “web of trust”. Skyledger corrects the major security flaws and ‘centralizing tendency’ associated with blockchain networks, in which consensus is based on Proof of Work (i.e. Bitcoin) or Proof of Stake (i.e. Ethereum).

Built to compete with credit cards and services such as AliPay and Apple Pay, skyledger platform is infinitely scalable. Transactions deliver in seconds other than in minutes or hours as in Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Skyledger requires no mining,. The Skyledger platform cannot be 51% attacked and does not rely on the decision of any single stake holder. Therefore it’s more secure and reliable.

Skyledger does not require any fee or coin to confirm a transaction. Instead a coin-hour mechanism is applied. For holding tokens, users would be rewarded with coin-hours, which can be spent to confirm transactions.

Each coin on Skyledger has its own blockchain. Skyledger provides independent data storage to each token to ensure that their value develops individually.

Skyledger platform is energy sustainable. It does not require billions of dollors a year in mining as on Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Please join us for a fascinating insight into this ground-breaking platform and some of the projects it is enabling.


  • Jane Zhang




    Director General, Digital Economy Bureau of Yongbang Special Economic Zone; Founder and CEO, Shellpay Internet Technology; Director, Blockchain Training Center of AheadSoft Academy; Jane is a successful angel investor and has extensive experience in angel investment, financial investment and business strategy. She was involved in the early investment of many renowned companies including Alibaba and VIPS.

    Jane graduated from Georgetown University and Fudan University and has a profound understanding of Chinese and Western cultures.

  • David Yue

    Managing Partner of Meredith Capital

    David Yue


    David has been involved in venture capital, private equity and financial advisory service for more than 2 decades. He was the Co-founder & Director of Investment of a large Chinese state-owned private equity investment group, managing government seed funds, industrial funds, PE, VC, PIPE and M&A.

    David’s investment covers fintech, blockchain, new energy vehicle, clean-tech, mobile internet, cross-border e-commerce logistics, healthcare, on-line education and film production. As an individual angel investor, David invested in a number of high-tech start-ups in their early stage, most of which has grown into leading companies in their relevant industries. Some of these companies is now an unicorn and listed in capital market.

    David is an early investor in blockchain. He was the judge of 1st China Blockchain Technology Innovation and Application Contest, and 1st Global Blockchain Competition in Singapore. He is a visiting professor of Blockchain Institute of AheadSoft academy, a guest lecturer of blockchain EMBA program at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and currently an executive member of Asia-Israel Blockchain Association.

    Prior to joining PE/VC industry, David worked in high-tech companies including Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and Marconi.

  • John O. Peters III


    John O. Peters III


    Mr. Peters is a former financial executive with over 30 years of experience in several different industries including technology, manufacturing and government services.

    Most recently he was a founder, board member and the original chief financial officer of Triple Canopy, Inc., one of the world’s largest private security firms providing high end services to the United States Government and commercial companies operating in high risk environments.

    Triple Canopy, now Constellis, was successfully sold to a private equity firm in 2015. Mr. Peters is a CPA and has a BBA from Loyola University of Chicago and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He is a member of the AICPA. Mr. Peters works with several charitable institutions.

    He is a Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and is a member of the Visiting Committee of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.

  • Angela Li


    Co-founder of SHELLPAY

    Angela Li


    She was graduated from Australia National University and University of British Columbia. She has been working in various senior management positions like PR/media, marketing, KAM in Fortune 500 companies. She has rich TMT industry and education experience.

    Miaozhua Internet Technology Co. Ltd is an online education innovation company. It proivdes high-tech education platform based on blockchain and AI to create an education eco-system so that well designed tokenized education program using the concept of PBL could be generated from the platform for online learning and also creating learning app for social education robot. So that personalized education could be realized.

  • Jinghao Lei

    Executive Director, Guangxi Chuangjian Weilai Investment Management

    Jinghao Lei

    Jinghao Lei is a senior investor from Guangxi China, and currently serves Guangxi Chuangjian Weilai Investment Management as an executive director. He has over 15 years of experience in industry, start up business, and equity investment. In the last three years, he has continued to invest in blockchain projects and blockchain startups, and achieved remarkable results. He is also an DLT enthusiast and has a profound understanding of the development of blockchain technology.

  • Hank Gao


    Hank Gao

    Mr Gao was graduated from Computer Science of Jilin University. He has rich experience with Al Carter, HP, Oracle and other technology research. He involves in research and development of Skyledger, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchain platforms and familiar in Golang, Javascript development and software project management.

    Mr. Gao has MBA degree of Richard Ivey School, University of Western Ontario, Canada.He has both theoretical and practical experience in business management.

  • Fangping Chen

    Executive Director, Aheadsoft Group

    Fangping Chen

    As executive director of Aheadsoft group, Chen has considerable experience in software development with distributed ledger technology and project management.

    Chen graduated from Jiangxi Normal University, with two degrees in software engineering and E-commerce.

  • Darren Franceschini

    CEO of Blockchain Technologies Consulting

    Darren Franceschini

    CEO of Blockchain Technologies Consulting

    As CEO and founder of Blockchain Technologies Consulting, Darren has led the company in working with over 20 companies in the ICO space as well as key financial institutions on blockchain proof of concepts, implementations and business use cases.

    Born and raised in Ontario, Darren studied business administration and management at Brock University and obtained a BBA Degree. Darren also Studied computer programming, which eventually led him to get involved in the world of Cryptocurrency in 2011 where he began mining and trading.

    In late 2013 he created, marketed and managed his own cryptocurrency.

    Between 2011 and 2017 Darren has worked with over 100 Cryptocurrencies and ICO’s focusing on their market strategy, branding and technical applications, and consulted on many large-scale projects including major crypto exchanges and bitcoin ATM companies, facilitating their distribution and monetization model.

  • CC Yang

    CEO of Liquor Chain

    CC Yang

    Graduated from Central University of Finance and Economics with major in international finance, one of the early team members of SOHU, ever served MIH Group (Tencent's biggest shareholder), Fortune, Firemax, Leadinfo, BlueFocus, China Liquor International & China Liquor Network Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Yang has long time in-depth cooperations in the fields of digital marketing and supply chain finance with Google, JD Finance, commercial banks e.g. Ping An Bank, and warehousing & logistics agencies e.g. China Post, ProLogis, and owns extensive management experience and insight in brand marketing, channeling & networking, Internet product design & development as well as supply chain finance.

  • LU KE

    Austrian Economics Scholar

    Objectivism Scholar

    LU KE

    Austrian economics scholar, objectivism scholar, financial commentator, public speaker. Lu is the translator of Freedom Choice, and early investor of a number of start-up companies.

    Lu Ke, formerly known as Lu Yi, graduated from Northeastern University and Wigan College in the United Kingdom. He then attended the Ayn Rand institute in the United States.

    In 2014, he was appointed by renowned economist Mao Yushi as a special researcher in the Humanism Economics Society.

    In 2012 and 2014, Lu was the organizer of Austrian economics summits in Shanghai. he was also a founding member of the Ayn Rand China Society.

    In 2016, he was appointed as dean of Yuandao Business School, and established the Ayn Rand Entrepreneur Club.

    In 2017, he joined DeTao Media as the Chief Strategy Officer of the Global Intellectual Capital Entrepreneur Club.

    In 2017, he was a visiting professor at the Blockchain Institute of Pioneer University, and set up the blockchain curriculum.

    He co-founded Ayn Rand Community with Shellpay in 2017 and launched ICO of ARC COIN.

    In November 2017, he was appointed as consultant of MCF coin by Reisoleil McAfee Zhu Ventures LLC. Lu is currently preparing for a media token project.

  • James Hare

    Founder, BRIKCOIN

    James Hare

    James is the founder of BRIKCOIN, a unique property coin set up to deliver private-sector backed development solutions to address the UK’s affordable housing crisis.

    James’s expertise and proven track record of over 20 years, gives BRIKCOIN deep insight into the UK's property market. James has nearly $1bn of transactional experience across the private and public sectors in the UK, Europe and MENA.

    James is an innovator and a revolutionary; combining the necessary savvy and relentless passion to successfully deliver in the World of property development, international finance, trading and information technology.

  • B. S.

    CEO of Skycoin

    B. S.

    Mr Smietana is one of the Bitcoin early developer. He invented Sky Ledger technology, which is the front-edge blockchain framework technology in the world. As the chief scientist of Shellpay, He participated the Blockchain ID Blockchain project which was elected by Dubai Future Accelerators Spring program and cooperating with Dubaii Immigration Bureau. He is also leading the research and development on Sky Ledger for blockchain solutions for new energy, telecommunications, education and other industries.

  • Wenqiang Tao

    General Manager,Changzhou Teming Electronics

    Wenqiang Tao

    Co - founder of Changzhou Teming Electronics

    Wenqiang Tao is the co-founder of Changzhou Teming Electronics and Changzhou Miaochuang Tianshi Advertising. He has extensive experience in electronic and corporate management He led the team in the development of battery panel management system for Suntech, and successfully delivered many management Systems and hardware solutions for logistics industry.

    Tao graduated from Suzhou University, with a degree in Electronic Information.



    Aionios is developing a world-class research database for studying senescent cells (“SCs”). SC accumulation is closely associated with ageing and ageing-related diseases.  We will count SCs in samples sent in by our customers and other sources.  We also are working on cosmetics-oriented products designed to help slow certain effects of ageing, initially ageing in skin.  We will issue our LifeCoins on SkyLedger, which our customers can use to participate in building our database.


    Shellpay was selected by Dubai government to join the 2017 Spring Programme of Dubai Future Accelerators among 3000 more applications and cooperate with Immigration Office to develop No passport control immigration project in Dubai.  Shellpay is willing to work with all the excellent innovative team worldwide from various industries to develop more industrial applications on skyledger blockchain technology.


    Miaozhua Internet Technology Co. Ltd is an online education innovation company. It proivdes high-tech education platform based on blockchain and AI to create an education eco-system so that well designed tokenized education program using the concept of PBL could be generated from the platform for online learning and also creating learning app for social education robot. So that personalized education could be realized.

  • Shihu Chain

    Listed as a national endangered and protected plant, dendrobium candidum is regarded as gold in medicine due to its scarcity and preciousness, while blockchain technolody, featuring ‘trustless’ and ‘decentralized’, has unlimited applications and appreciation potential in many fields. It is bound to restructure a financial system in the future and is called digital gold.

    In the upcoming digital economy era, Shihu Chain aims to combine SkyLedger technology with the characteristics of dendrobium candidum to build a blockchain Dendrobium ecosystem and lead the industry's new trends.


    iquant chain provides decentralized assets and application platform for users, which enables users to use the basic infrastructure and SDK API to develop their own digital assets and decentralized application. Meanwhile, iquant Chain provides a series of industrial solutions, including smart contract and side chain. Iquant dedicates to providing an easy and comprehensive option for users.

  • Liquor Chain

    Liquor Chain is committed to connecting all parties in the production of base Liquor, including food production, inspection and evaluation agencies, storage and logistics, and financial settlement with the distributed ledger technology known as SkyLedger, so community members could reach consensus on the product, process, transaction and settlement, and authenticity of date via global participation, which provides a platform for opportunities and fair trading between manufacturers, institutions and consumers.


  • Morning session

    • Welcome Jane Zhang, Director General Digital Economy Bureau of Yongbang
    • Greetings from Yongbang Yue Liang, General Counsel
      Zhanbin Liu, Secretary of the party committee, the People's Government of Yongbang Special Economic Zone, Shan State
    • Keynote : Building digital society on Skyledger Jane Zhang, CEO of Shellpay
    • Crypto financing – Opportunities and challengesDavid Yue, Managing Partner Meredith Capital
    • Evolution of blockchain technology Hank Gao, CTO of Shellpay, Blockchain Scientist
    • Construction of AheadSoft blockchain town Fangping Chen, Executive Director AheadSoft Group
    • Skywire - Distributed nodes on SkyLedgerWenqiang Tao, General Manager,Changzhou Teming Electronics
    • Crypto exchange & investmentDarren, CEO Blockchain Technologies Consulting
    • Business model for saline soil riceShaohua Tang, CEO of LiuShanTang
      Zhanyong Wu, CTO of LiuShanTang
    • Panel discussion: Innovative applications in the era of token 2.0
    • Networking & Lunch
  • Afternoon session

    • Aionios for a new age John O. Peters III, CEO of Aionios
    • A distributed digital community for base wine CC Yang, CEO of LiquorChain
    • Addressing a national housing crisis in UK James Hare, Founder of BrikCoin
    • Dendrobium officinale: Health benefits & economic value Jinghao Lei, CEO Guangxi Chuangjian Weilai Investment Management
    • MzWorld - Personalized education with blockchain/ AI Angela Li, CEO of Miaozhua
    • Envisions of Galt’s gulch Lu Ke, Founder of Ayn Rand Club
    • Q&A
    • Exhibition

Project road show

This is a pitch event where entrepreneurs get to pitch directly to the Skyledger team. The best project will be selected to develop on the Skyledger platform. For registration please email to: with your name, phone number, and a project pitch deck by 18:00, June 5.